Call for Nominations

NAHCR is seeking committed and energetic individuals to serve on the 2022-2023 Board of Directors. Having well-qualified individuals serve is critical to the association's mission. You can choose to self-nominate or be recommended to run for a Board position; however, you must meet the requirements of that position. If you are, or if you know of someone who is, dedicated to NAHCR's vision and mission—and has the leadership skills to help take NAHCR to the next level—nominate that individual by following the guidelines listed below.

Directors successfully performing receive complimentary registration and travel to the NAHCR Annual Conference. NEW THIS YEAR! Certified Health Care Recruiter (CHCR) certification examination fees and/or re-certification fees are waived for Directors. 

Nominations are being solicited for two Director positions:

  • Chapter Engagement Director: Serves as a liaison and resource for chapters, including maintaining relationships with Chapter Presidents; responsible for chapter development (new and existing chapters); also responsible for communication to and from the regions. 
    • Knowledge, skills and abilities required: Excellent communications skills, ability to get done things done, experience in guiding and mentoring, experience on local chapter or other nonprofit board (service as a Chapter President preferred).  
  • Outreach Director: Develops outreach strategies for the association; serves as the primary liaison with NAHCR Headquarters on  implementation of outreach initiatives; responsible for volunteer engagement.
    • Knowledge, skills and abilities required: Proven organizational and project management/coordination skills, including the ability to build and lead effective teams and manage a diverse array of projects/tasks; excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate with diverse partners and audiences; superior interpersonal and leadership skills to collaborate tactfully and effectively with NAHCR collaborative partners and Headquarters staff; experience managing committees/teams and working with collaborative partners to implement projects/programs.

Before recommending fellow members for nomination, please

  1. Verify that the person you are nominating meets the qualifications to serve
  2. Confirm the person you are recommending is willing and able to fulfill the responsibilities required for board service

If you choose to self-nominate, you will also need a recommendation from a NAHCR Active (i.e., voting) member.

Nominations must be submitted by May 12 at 11:59 pm PDT.

Submit Your Nomination 



Nominees for the positions of President-Elect and/or Director must be current Active or Federal members of NAHCR for at least one year prior to the date of nomination and current Certified Health Care Recruiters (CHCRs) (or eligible for and achieves the CHCR designation within the first year of service.)

Nominees for Vendor Member at Large must be current Vendor members of NAHCR for at least three years prior to the date of nomination.

All nominees must also have the documented support of his/her supervisor

Learn more about the qualifications for serving as a NAHCR board member.


Roles and Responsibilities

The minimum time commitment to serve on the Board of Directors includes monthly 1 – 1 ½-hour board meetings via conference call and two in-person board meetings (in January, typically at NAHCR Headquarters in Altamonte Springs, FL, and July, in conjunction with the Annual Conference). Board members are also expected to attend the NAHCR Annual Conference each year, beginning in the year in which they are elected.

The minimum time commitment does not include the time required to perform the duties outlined for each Director’s specific areas of responsibility. The Director is responsible for linking the work of the functional team (ex., Chapter Engagement, Education, Marketing & Communication, Membership) back to the full board as follows:

  • Chair team meetings in the absence of the Team Chair
  • Communicate the goals of the strategic plan that relate to the team with the Team Chair
  • Support the Team Chair as needed
  • Recruit new members to the team as needed
  • Monitor the delegation of responsibilities
  • Assist with resolving conflicts among team members
  • Provide a written team report at each board meeting
    • The report should be as thorough as possible without delving into insignificant details.
    • If the team has a proposal for action or is seeking a response from the board, this should be indicated on the report.
    • A form is provided to all Board Liaisons to complete for reports for board meetings.
  • Evaluate the Team Chair with the President and Headquarters staff to determine eligibility for complimentary annual conference registration and/or running for a second year as Team Chair.

Learn more about board members’ roles and responsibilities. 

Elections Process/Timeline

Elections are anticipated to run from May 16 – May 23.

Each Active and Federal member of NAHCR as of the date electronic ballots are disseminated is eligible to vote in the election. (Associate and Vendor members are not eligible to vote in the election.)

Each voting member has a single vote for each open board position except the Vendor Member at Large position. 

The President-Elect shall be elected for a one‐year term and shall be eligible to serve for one additional term. Following his or her term, the President‐Elect shall assume the office of President for one year and shall be eligible to serve for one additional year.

The top two vote getters among those nominated for the Director positions will be elected for a two‐year term of office and shall be eligible to serve for one consecutive term.

The Vendor Member-at-Large will be elected by the voting members of the Board of Directors.

An announcement regarding the results of the NAHCR elections will be made to the membership by May 27.