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Health care recruitment professionals turn to NAHCR to enhance their career success and advance in their profession. NAHCR offers Certified Health Care Recruiter (CHCR) credentialing, best practices resources, free webinars, articles by leading experts, networking with peers and an annual conference. NAHCR delivers the specialized and unique content you need to keep up with the changes in health care and remain a leader in your field.

What is our unique strength?

Where can you get "one-stop shopping" in today's hectic health care world? At NAHCR, that's where. We have the best network out there, member-to-member and also via a quick call to our National Office. With chapters nationwide you can get "connected" to another member in any region who can help you or find a variety of resources by calling our headquarters. Hear from NAHCR members about the benefits of joining NAHCR.

Joining NAHCR is easy!

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Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to earn credentials and demonstrate professional knowledge and skills as a Certified Health Care Recruiter, (CHCR.)

  • IMAGE, a national educational conference, held annually, that provides information on current issues, ways to enhance your professional performance and methods to assist you in your work responsibilities. Opportunities to network with peers and with representatives from companies who provide products and services of interest to health care recruiters.

  • NAHCR Directions, a quarterly newsletter with excellent, current, and pertinent information to assist health care recruiters in their work responsibilities.

  • NAHCR News, a bi-monthly e-newsletter with current information regarding the industry and association.

  • Online Membership Directory, a listing of all members in a searchable electronic format. Find members by city, state region or even practice setting.

  • NAHCR headquarters, a resource on a variety of issues, such as recruitment practices, policies, education topics and speakers.

  • Educational Webinars free of charge for NAHCR members.

  • The opportunity to participate in standing committees: Communications, Education or Membership Recruitment and Retention.


If you are a recruiter or human resources professional in any organization providing direct health care ("Active Member") or in any organization owned and operated by the Federal Government ("Federal Member"), you have already met the basic requirements for joining us. (See, we told you it was easy!) Dues are $150 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and entitle you to all the benefits and programs NAHCR offers. In addition, Active and Federal members may vote and are eligible to serve on the NAHCR Board of Directors.  

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Institutional Members

Companies interested in supporting NAHCR and who provide services or products of interest to recruiters, such as advertising agencies, temporary or staffing agencies, publishers and software companies providing applicant tracking systems, are also eligible for membership in NAHCR as Institutional Members. Dues are $1,100 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and entitle your company to a number of benefits. Institutional members are not eligible to vote or hold office, but are represented on the Board of Directors. Meet NAHCR Institutional Members

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  • Companies or divisions of companies whose sole business is placing traveling health care professionals are also eligible for Institutional membership.
  • Individuals associated with permanent personnel placement agencies (search firms, headhunters) are eligible for Institutional membership subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Search firm applicants are responsible for securing a reference from an Active NAHCR Member.


Individuals who are not actually recruiting but have an interest in supporting NAHCR activities and in maintaining involvement with the organization, such as HR representatives, transitional recruiters, HR students, nursing leadership students, professors and educators, are eligible for Associate membership for $185 per calendar year (January 1 - December 31). Associate members may serve on committees and benefit from all member services, but they may not vote and are not eligible to serve on the NAHCR Board of Directors.

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Member Referral Rewards Program 

Share your commitment to NAHCR with your peers and earn valuable rewards. NAHCR members who refer new Active or Federal Members receive a $15 Amazon gift card. Eligible referrals include health care recruiting professionals who have never been members of NAHCR or whose memberships have been lapsed for more than one year. Need talking points or marketing collateral to help spread the word? Email

Volume discounts are now available for purchasing multiple Active/Federal memberships. Contact NAHCR headquarters for a consolidated invoice!

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# Memberships

Discounted Cost

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5 - 9


7% - 47%




30% - 38%

10 - 14


10% - 36%



$3,400 35% - 42%



15% - 33%



$3,600 40% - 45%



20% - 33%



$3,700 45% - 50%



25% - 38%


50+? Email NAHCR headquarters for more information.


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