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NAHCR offers free educational webinars to members throughout the year. Webinars are one hour in length, and attendees can earn valuable SHRM, HRCI & CHCR credits toward CHCR re-certification during live webinars!




Upcoming Webinars


March 19, 2020
3:00 PM ET


Unionization in Health Care: Implications for the HR Specialist
Presented by: Kirsten Johnson Moore

Session Description:  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2019), 11.4 % of the employed healthcare practitioners were members of a union.  Over the past decade this industry has seen a rise in nursing labor unions as a result of their objectives to obtain higher wages, better benefits and improved nurse-to-patient ratios.  The unionization of an organization can have a profound impact on the work force and company.  When identifying the best candidate for a facility, the recruiter needs to be cognizant of the organization’s labor philosophy and have a cursory knowledge of the National Labor Relations Act.  Join us for this session and learn about how this growing trend effects the workplace and the role of the healthcare recruiter.

During this session the participant will:

  • Discuss the of unionization in healthcare and current statistics
  • Acquire a basic knowledge of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), with a focus on employee’s rights
  • Examine examples of organizational labor philosophy
  • Discuss the relationship between nursing unions and magnet certification
  • Identify labor relations components of competency-based interviewing.
  April 23, 2020
3:00 PM ET

Hiring Event Panel Discussion
Presented by: Claudia Cotarelo, Heidie Kozarski, Gina Salazar, Erika Bauman


Sourcing on a Shoestring Budget - RESCHEDULING
Presented by: Steve Levy

It's hardly a secret - recruiting is actually becoming harder. LinkedIn response rates are declining while the price of the platform continues to increase. Heck, for many positions in healthcare, the people you covet don't even use LinkedIn.

There has to be something better than LinkedIn that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Sourcing on a Shoestring is the answer.

Modeled after lessons detailed in this article, Steve Levy, Technical Sourcing Leader at M&T Bank, will demonstrate how a few basic techniques coupled with free tools and an improved intake strategy, can provide you with all the people you need.

  • You'll discover the intake questions to not only uncover the real job but to also differentiate your role from the competition.
  • You'll learn how the Internet really is the gift that keeps on giving and how certain Boolean string strategies help keep the waters flowing.
  • You'll learn how to effectively use social media in ways that won't require you to camp out on platforms for hours on end.
  • Most important, you'll learn how easy it really is to find the people you believe simply don't exist.
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Present a Webinar

The NAHCR Education Team is taking submissions for the upcoming webinar schedule. Only original presentations are considered. Presentations should be:

  • New, fresh, timely and relevant
  • Thorough and easy to understand
  • Factual and not opinion-based
  • Strictly educational and informative in nature (not promotional or self-serving to any given organization)
  • Unbiased, objective and nonpartisan; well-balanced, addressing all points of view
Whenever possible, include case studies, examples, applications and recommended resources. Illustrations and images, including graphs, charts, and photographs, are also encouraged.
Some examples of great presentation topics:
  • Application Systems
  • Working with Unions
  • LinkedIn/ Indeed for Sourcing Tips
  • ATS Checklist
  • CRM Research and Information
  • Affirmative Action Updates
  • Industry of RPO 
  • Evidence-Based Recruiting
  • Indeed and Sourcing
  • Google Jobs Updates

To provide educational opportunities for all members, the Education Committee is looking for presentations for entry, intermediate and advanced level recruiters. For more information on presenting a webinar, please contact NAHCR Headquarters or submit your proposal here.


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NAHCR Vendor Members may sponsor a webinar for $500. Webinar sponsorships are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Companies may sponsor more than one webinar in the calendar year. Your sponsorship Includes:

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For more information on sponsoring a webinar, please contact NAHCR Headquarters.