Upcoming Webinars

NAHCR offers free educational webinars to members throughout the year. Webinars are one hour in length, and attendees can earn valuable SHRM, HRCI & CHCR credits toward CHCR re-certification during live webinars!




Upcoming Webinars

  June 10, 2020
3:00 PM ET

How to Win Over Your Manager and Hire the Best for Your Organization

Presented by: Theresa Mazzaro

In today’s session, Theresa will review how to conduct a thorough intake session with your hiring manager and empower you to hire the very best for your organization.

Your takeaways from this session will include:

  1. How to become the Subject Matter Expert on the role you are recruiting for
  2. How to establish Service Level Agreements and build mutual accountability
  3. Learn how to leverage your hiring manager to find the best talent


July 16, 2020
1:00 PM ET




Presented by: Margaret Graziano

In this moment, we are shouldering an immense responsibility to protect our organizations, teams, families and ourselves. 

ResponseAgility grounds you in your leadership abilities and enables you to tap into your own wisdom to make decisions despite an unprecedented amount of stress and pressure. The tools and skills covered are not merely theoretical practices. They are proven methods based on neuroscience and utilized daily by real leaders. 

Learning Objectives

1. Respond to adversity, stress and pressure with power and ease
2. Navigate change thoughtfully and effectively
3. Take ownership of your experiences and re-calibrate as needed

Webinar Library


 Members may access the webinar library here

Recently added: 

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  • Canadian RN Recruitment and the TN Visa Process
  • Recruitment Marketing vs. Sourcing: Facts, Myths, and Tools for Success
  • Employment Law 101
  • Attract All-Star Talent and Develop Relationships
  • A World of Possibilities: A Study of How Other Countries Are Solving the Nursing Shortage
  • To Reference or Not to Reference
  • Recruiting and Placing Would-Be Whistleblowers: Bounty and Options for Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  • Tactics for Enhancing Your Branding on Glassdoor
  • The Possibilities and Limitations of International Recruitment
  • Conscious Hiring

Present a Webinar

The NAHCR Education Team is taking submissions for the upcoming webinar schedule. Only original presentations are considered. Presentations should be:

  • New, fresh, timely and relevant
  • Thorough and easy to understand
  • Factual and not opinion-based
  • Strictly educational and informative in nature (not promotional or self-serving to any given organization)
  • Unbiased, objective and nonpartisan; well-balanced, addressing all points of view
Whenever possible, include case studies, examples, applications and recommended resources. Illustrations and images, including graphs, charts, and photographs, are also encouraged.
Some examples of great presentation topics:
  • Application Systems
  • Working with Unions
  • LinkedIn/ Indeed for Sourcing Tips
  • ATS Checklist
  • CRM Research and Information
  • Affirmative Action Updates
  • Industry of RPO 
  • Evidence-Based Recruiting
  • Indeed and Sourcing
  • Google Jobs Updates

To provide educational opportunities for all members, the Education Committee is looking for presentations for entry, intermediate and advanced level recruiters. For more information on presenting a webinar, please contact NAHCR Headquarters or submit your proposal here.


Sponsor a Webinar

NAHCR Vendor Members may sponsor a webinar for $500. Webinar sponsorships are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Companies may sponsor more than one webinar in the calendar year. Your sponsorship Includes:

  •     Company logo, website and short company description included in all webinar invitations
  •     Recognition as the sponsor during the introduction of the webinar

For more information on sponsoring a webinar, please contact NAHCR Headquarters.