Maryland State Chapter Spotlight
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 11:24 AM

Maryland State Chapter Spotlight

When was MAHCR established?
January 4, 1996

How many members does MAHCR currently have?  

Can you share any best practices (how MAHCR achieved/continues to be a Platinum chapter)? 

  • longevity of recruiters in our area allows us to form friendships beyond being colleagues
  • consistency of meetings, 1st Wednesday of each month 1pm-3pm September-June,
  • the chapter engages its membership to be active in many different ways.  By offering many ways to be involved with varying time commitment members can choose what works for them.
  • offer CEU’s at monthly meetings, to support maintaining certifications.
  • offering of social gatherings as part of the annual schedule of meetings
  • involving our institutional members for their expertise in many subject matters, that support the learning of membership 
  • previous officers stand in support and mentor new officers to help to problem solve, brainstorm and encourage


What's the best part of MAHCR/what sets them apart from other chapters?
The relationships with each other and willingness to help with the workload of MAHCR, as well as ability to rely on peers for advice and best practice sharing

Anything else you’d like to add? 
MAHCR is a great chapter because of the members and their dedication to hire the best and the brightest for their organization which pushes us to learn from and support each other in best practices.  

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